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Why we created Color Grind

Color Grind was created to make it easier to support Black businesses. According to Nielsen, African-American’s spend about 1.1 trillion dollars a year while making up only 13% percent of the population. Also noting that Black Americans want positive cultural images as well as a desire to support Black-owned businesses, I was determined to create a proactive and EASY solution to this issue. How do we make it easy for people to support you may ask? After some careful thought, we came up with Color Grind - The easiest way to support artisans of color.

Each month we will send you 4-6 curated small batched items made by people of color that you will absolutely love (or know someone who will love it). Whether it be a single mother of three who makes fantastic jewelry or a company created to help incarcerated men of color by becoming beekeepers and making fantastic honey products- we want the world to know about and support these fantastic brands. No doubt about it, Color Grind is the easiest way to support multiple businesses of color each month. Each one of these business's foundation is love and we would love for you to support them by buying a box each month. A Color Grind subscription is the perfect way to have the dollars circulate within the community one more time, one community at a time.

Support the artist. Enjoy the art.

Love Guaranteed.

Helping people discover great black owned companies

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